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View map for upcoming 2015 road, storm, sewer, water and parks projects.

5600 West from 6200 South to 7000 South    February 15 to July 31

May 8 Update
Wall work on the east side of the road is nearing completion. Curb and gutter will be constructed the middle of May. Storm drain work is also nearing completion.  The project is still ahead of schedule and all 3rd party utility work was completed on April 27th.  If current schedule continues, the project will be completed before the contractual deadline of July 2nd.

Construction of the intersection at 7000 S and 5600 West will begin on May 4. The south half of the intersection will be first, then on May 6 work will begin on the north half. Access from the roundabout on 7600 South 5600 West will be restricted. The intersection should be paved on May 11 and re-opened  May 16.
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5600 West is being reconstructed and widened from 6200 South to 7000 South. Kilgore Contracting has been awarded the work and is burying the overhead utility lines on the west side of 5600 West. Utility conduits for Rocky Mountain Power, Comcast, Century Link and Zayo Communications are also being constructed. 

5600 West closed Feb. 15th from the southern driveway of Walmart to 7000 South to allow the contractor to construct a new storm drain system and to begin reconstructing the roadway. Alternate routes for local traffic will be posted by the contractor. This work will be completed and the roadway will be open to the public the end of July. 
Closure Notice

The new five-lane roadway will include:
• sidewalks on both sides of 5600 West
• improved streetlight coverage along the roadway and at the intersections of 7000 South and 6200 South
• a new traffic signal at the intersection of 5600 West and 7000 South
• shoulders for bike lanes from 6200 South to 7000 South
• an improved roadway drainage system to decrease the chances of flooding for neighborhoods adjacent to 5600 West.

For additional information view UDOT's project information page.

To sign up for email updates or for more information, call the hotline at 801-758-5660 or email


Old Bingham Highway Construction – Single Lane traffic    April 9 to July
Road Closure  Old Bingham Highway 8400 South (between the 2 driveways for Terra Linda Elementary School)     May 26 - June 2

Terra Linda Elementary is located at 8400 South 3400 West, there are two driveways that access the school, the closure will be between the two driveways.

Busses will access the north driveway, parents please drop off children using the south driveway.

Whitaker Construction is installing a new sewer for the Jordan Valley Transit-Oriented Development. Beginning Tuesday, April 7 there will be a single lane of travel on Old Bingam Highway from 8200 South to 8600 South with temporary traffic signals. Drivers should expect delays and are encouraged to find an alternate route. Any questions, please contact Whitaker Construction at 435-723-2921.

4000 West 9170 - 9320 South          Road Closure April 28 to July

The City is installing a new culvert in 4000 West across Bingham Creek at 9300 South.  The work will begin with channel bank stabilization and canal culvert extension. The road is scheduled to be closed from April 20 to May 20 to accommodate the construction work.  The road will also be widened in this location and curb, gutter and sidewalk will be installed.  The recommended detour is east on 9800 South, north on Bangerter and west on 9000 South.

9000 South 4800 - 5300 West        Road Closure April 29 to August

B Jackson Construction will remove and replace the entire stretch of roadway from the west side of 4800 West to approximately 5300 West as well as resurfacing 9000 South from 5300 West to 5500 West.  Please see 
flier for additional information or UDOT project information page.

Copper Canyon Elementary Safe School Walking Route

Watch the video to hear answers to various questions regarding construction.

May 11 Update
The contractor, B Jackson Construction, has been removing poor subgrade materials from the site. In less than two weeks the Contractor has removed over 30,000 cubic yards of materials from the site. With each truck carrying over 40 tons of material, thousands of truck trips have been required.  The Contractor has begun placing roadway fabric and new structural fill material on the prepared subgrade. The Contractor will be placing over 34,000 square yards of geotextile fabric and over 40,000 tons of good granular borrow and road base onto the site.  Soil import work will continue next week.


May 6 Update
9000 South from 4800 West to 5300 West closed on April 29, 2015 to traffic.  B. Jackson Construction set up traffic control early in the morning and began removing the existing road surface at 7:00 a.m.  Fencing was installed to protect pedestrians and school children. Pavement removal continued through Friday. Contractor is currently removing supporting roadway soil materials, good and bad, to prepare for the roadway fabric and new structural fill material that will be placed next week.  Due to worsening weather conditions the Contractor will be working on Saturday to maintain their aggressive schedule.  Soil work will continue next week.















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