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  Storm Water

 Stormwater Truck Storm Water Department Mission
The Storm Water Division is committed to safely delivering storm water to drainage outfalls and minimizing any potential flooding through aggressive cleaning and maintenance of the storm drain system.

Storm Water Informational Flier

West Jordan Stormwater Department
8030 S. 4000 West
West Jordan, UT 84088
Office Hours 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.
Open Monday through Friday, excluding all state and federal holidays.

 JetVac Storm Drain Cleaning truck  

Illicit Discharge
The United States Environmental Protection Agency defines an illicit discharge as, "any discharge into a storm drain system that is not composed entirely of stormwater." City storm drain inlets are located all over the City to collect storm water to help alleviate flooding. These storm drain systemss drain directly to the Jordan River. Any material that enters the storm drain system, beyond rain water, pose a risk to wildlife and contaminates our creeks, rivers, and streams.  This includes soaps, detergents, paint, wash-out debris, and even leaves and grass clippings. These types of discharges are illegal and pose a health risk to all of us. If you see someone putting anything into a City storm drain, please report it immediately!

During day-time hours contact 801-330-4544 or 801-503-5865 and after hours 801-330-4198.

Salt Lake County’s We All Live Downstream
West Jordan City's Stormwater Management Plan

Storm Water
Utility & Fees

The Storm Water system consists of all gutters, grates, detention ponds, storm inlets, pipes, culverts and any drainage system used to collect rainwater and snowmelt, and deliver it to appropriate streams in order to prevent flooding and property damage throughout the city.

The West Jordan City Council approved a new Storm Water Utility fee, which was included on residential and commercial utility bills beginning January 1, 2011. The Storm Water fee is necessary to provide funding to clean and maintain the storm water system. The fee appears as a separate item called “Storm Water” on the West Jordan utility bill, along with water, sewer, garbage, and lights. Single family homes and duplex residences will be billed for 1 ERU (equivalent residential unit) per living unit each month. Commercial properties will be billed the same rate per ERU of property (1 ERU = 4,000 square feet of lot size). See the Uniform Fee Schedule for current rates. Agricultural and vacant properties, and portions of property in excess of 20 acres are exempt.  

All residents and businesses in West Jordan benefit from the citywide Storm Water system. If the system did not exist, roads throughout the city would become flooded after every rainstorm and travel would be impeded. In order to be fair, we all must help bear the cost of maintaining the storm water system since we all benefit from it. 

The City recognizes that some properties have curb and gutter that drain directly into the Storm Water system, and some properties do not. The location of storm gutters, drains, grates, pipes, or detention/retention ponds does not determine who is charged the monthly Storm Water fee. The Storm Water fee is applied to all developed or occupied residential and commercial properties in West Jordan since we all benefit from the citywide system. 

Click to read the complete Storm Water Fee Billing Policy

Homeowner's Guide to Flood Mitigation

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