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  City Government

2015-2016 City Council Goals


The City of West Jordan exists to provide citizens with the opportunity to live an exceptional quality of life. It operates under the Council/Manager form of government, the most popular structure of U.S. government organization. Under this form, the elected City Council Members are responsible for setting policy, passing ordinances, fiscal oversight, and providing direction. The City Manager is responsible for implementing council policy and overseeing the city’s day-to-day operations.

The City Manager is the executive/administrative head of the city organization and functions much like a chief executive officer in a private corporation. He is an at-will employee of the City Council and is responsible directly to that seven-member body. He directs the staff support of the City Council’s policy-making role, provides evaluation and analysis, negotiates with private and governmental entities, and responds to the needs and concerns of community groups and individual citizens.  



The City of West Jordan has contracted with two lobbyists: RRJ Consulting represents the City's interest in transportation and infrastructure projects, and Foxley and Pignanelliadvocate the City's interests in amending the state statute regarding the establishment of auto dealerships.

West Jordan is a member of the Utah League of Cities and Towns as well as the Council of Government.
City Council Memberships






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